My Own Projects

Some personal and university projects I've worked on over the years (not listed in my CV). List is incomplete and missing some links for now.
Name Year Description Techs Links
pano 2022 Frontend demo of a social news app TypeScript, React, Redux, RTK Query, jest, MUI Live Demo
algods 2021 Algorithms and data structures for learning and use in programming problems Python Code
design-classifier 2019 Binary classifier for identifying design discussions in MCR discussions. Python, Scikit-learn, Numpy, Pandas, Jupyter Code
JClusterChanges 2015 A web app implementing the ClusterChanges technique for partitioning GitHub pull requests of Java software projects. Java, Eclipse Java Compiler, Python, CherryPy, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, GitHub GitHub App GitHub Impl
CBoard 2013 App for summarizing topics with a virtual whiteboard and sharing the result. Team project during undergrad. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, iOS, MongoDB
t4compressor 2012 Data compression based on bzip2. Implemented 4 layers of the bzip2 stack: BWT, MTF, RLE e Huffman. C++
Raytracer 2011 A software implementation of Raytracing with Phong Shading C++, SFML, SIMD
Annoylings 2011 Tower defense like game for Android Android, Java, OpenGL, GLSL, AndEngine Video
Graphaze 2009 First-person game using my raycasting engine demonstrating the use of graph algorithms to generate and solve mazes. Python, Pygame, C Video
Alien Xenocide 2009 First-person shooter inspired by Wolfenstein 3D using my own Raycasting engine implementation Python, Pygame, C Video
Super Karate 2008 2D Beat-em-up game with stickman figures including tool for generating stick figures animations C++, SDL Gameplay Video Editor Video
Phoenix Online 2005 2D MMO inspired by Graal Online. Had networking, map editor, inventory system, lighting, NPCs, ... C++, OpenGL, SDL, RakNet Original Site from 2005